Beskydský golf club

The history of golf in Třinec area dates back to 1976, when a sports union TJ Oldřichovice TESLA founded its golf section. This section in its time numbered 15 members who played on one of the few courses of that time in Šilheřovice. First president, at the time chairman, was Miroslav Stebel. In 1983 chairman of the club became Karel Plachý, who guided the club through a revolutionary period in which the club changed its name to Golf Club Třinec.

In the nineties the club tried to get a suitable location for the construction of the golf course. Decision went between VENDRYNĚ and Ropice. Eventually won Ropice where along the river originated the first six holes and nowadays legendary "hut". The soul of Třinec golf was Vlastík Bauer, in whose honor memorial bearing his name is regularly held in May. Since 1999 the golf club was renamed Beskydský golf club and its president became Bronislav Cienciala and Ropice began with the construction of the golf course designed by Hans Georg Erhard. As home course of the club became golf course in Ropice, which lies in the foothills of the Beskydy landscape between Třinec and Český Těšín.

Since its establishment the club has undergone dynamic expansion of the membership base. Beskydský Golf Club currently ranks among larger golf clubs in the Czech Republic. From a sports point of view but it belongs to the very top. Men and women play in the highest league competition and Youth Training Centre brought up several champions of the country. In the years 2013 and 2014 it was evaluated by Czech Golf Federation as the best training center in the country. At the end of 2007, the number of members approached the limit of 800. Club life in Ropice is supported by many club tournaments, social and sports events and traditional handicap Sundays.

​In 2023 the club returned to its first name Golf Club Třinec.