Full Swing Simulator

You want to play golf and the course is closed? Use full swing golf simulator in the basement of our clubhouse. It's quick, cheap and convenient way to keep in shape, although the weather does not favour to golf.

Full Swing Golf simulator E6 with the latest software and enhanced graphics offers a realistic simulation of real game, golf technique training, a virtual driving range and chipping. You can play on 45 courses over the world (eg. Gleneagles, Valderrama, Pebble Beach, St.Andrews ...) and participate in online tournaments.

With the new high-speed cameras of second-generation ION2 it is significantly improved the reading of the flight path of the ball and strokes analysis. The simulator takes into account conditions on the course, direction, speed and angle of impact of the ball, displaying information about the flagstick distance, elevation change, wind speed and direction, and the like.

Your indoor training on a full swing simulator Ropice gets a new dimension! Visit us daily from 6-21 hours.

Pricing is available HERE