Prices of full swing simulator

In the period from November to April Ropice Golf Resort operates in the clubhouse basement a full swing golf simulator that offers a realistic simulation of playing the 38 world championship golf courses, golf training technique, a virtual driving range and chipping.

FULL SWING simulator

  Čas Public Club member
FSG simulator – 60 mintill 2:00 p.m. CZK 250 CZK 200
from 2:00 p.m. CZK 300 CZK 250
Season ticket FSG simulator20 hours CZK 5000 CZK 4000

Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Tee-time booking either online or at reception desk phone: 558 470 505; 737 208 892.

Booking conditions:

  • In the interest of other clients the minimum time to cancel the booking without a cancellation fee is 24 hours prior to the time of booking.
  • Cancellation fee of 50% of the price will be charged unless it is timely cancellation.
  • Reservation ends as it was done - it is not possible to finish the game after a given reservation except when there is no other subsequent reservation. Extending the period of reservation will be made by reception.