The last finals are over

The last tournament from the year-round series Ropice Golf Open 2016 tournaments is successfully over. We asked Dan Waclawek, the main organizer of the magnificent tour and also the resort’s manager about what was it like and also what was the whole season like.


How did the Open Series start?

It is some years back, when the “Sunday handicap” was really popular and many people were asking us if we were ready to move this sort of get-together a bit further. Meaning, to give it a system and a face. And that is how a year-round series started, where the golfers can compare with each other, as well as with their own HCP. There is a regular tournament from April to October for them. Back then, it started as an AC World Series, then Elefetex last year, and in the end, it changed to the Open Series this year.


Dan, when you look back at the whole Open Series 2016, what was it really like?

I will use only feedback from the people playing this series… and the feedback is only positive. And then, I will show you the numbers - and there were around 90 golfers participating in almost every individual tournament. That means almost 550 satisfied people that played the series throughout the year. Quality of our premises reached the highest class level this year and many new people thus had the opportunity to discover a perfectly prepared golf course. The weather was also in our favor and we still hold the last tournament in our hearts. It was really beautiful autumn weather. 


What is the hardest part of organization, securing the financing and other necessities?

In order to organize tournaments like these, you need mostly… money… After our main partner left us after the last year, we had no choice but to acquire partners for all six tournaments. In the end, we did it and every one of those individual companies helped us a lot. We are really thankful. And I have to be specific here, because I thank all these people personally. They are: Milan Ligocki - Unipack, Daniel Dudys - RP Klima Elektro Tech, Jarda Dostálek – IRP, brothers Milata - Golf pro všechny, Václav Heczko – DřevoEURO, and Romana Ćmielová - Pygmalion.


And what about the future?

There is one thing we know for certain, and that is that the series will continue. We will probably also keep the style. At present, we are working on financing and we are on the go all the time again…


What more can we look forward to this year?

There are few last tournaments left till the end of the season, but those I personally really like, because their style is again different. For example, the last goulash cross-country tournament, when we play our course somewhat in reverse, and we are able to appreciate the beauty of the whole Ropice premises from different angle.

And when the golf course is closed for good, we invite everyone to come to Ropice, where we have one of the highest quality golf simulators in our country. One can travel to a renowned world-class golf course in one instance and enjoy the indoor golf being warm, maybe accompanied by friends, good food and drinks.

As a conclusion, we bring you the complete results.


The winners of the final tournament of Ropice Golf Open 2016 presented by Milan Ligicki – Unipack were:

Category 0 - 12:

  1. place - ČERNÝ Martin
  2. place – NEVRLÝ Otakar
  3. place - KRYBUS Bedřich


Category 12,1 - 24+:

  1. place – RAKOWSKI Jan
  2. place - ŠPORN Miroslav
  3. place - MAROSZ BURYAN Katarzyna


Category+24,1, - 54:

  1. place - ŚWIDZIŃSKI Henryk
  2. place - ZAHRAJ Grzegorz
  3. place - MAZOCH Tomáš


Overall winners of the individual ROPICE GOLF OPEN 2016 categories are:

Category 0 - 12:

  1. place - ČERNÝ Martin
  2. place - RYCHLIK Tomáš
  3. place - ČMIEL René


Category 12,1 - 24+:

  1. place - ŠPORN Miroslav
  2. place - NACHTMAN Radim
  3. place - NACHTMAN Miloš


Category+24,1, - 54:

  1. place - HAVEL Denis
  2. place - MAZOCH Tomáš
  3. place - ZAHRAJ Grzegorz


Winner of the embedded Eklektik contest is:

Category 0 - 12 - ČERNÝ Martin

Category 12,1 - 24,0 - KRYBUS Bedřich

Category+24,1, - 54 - NEVRLÝ Otakar


Congratulations to all winners and also to all golfers who came to play any of these tournaments this year. We wish you lovely and enjoyable rest of the season 2016.