Traditional year-long tour ROPICE GOLF OPEN SERIES 2016 begins

AC Word was organised two years ago, Elefetex last year and this year it is simply ROPICE GOLF OPEN SERIES 2016. Apart from the name, nothing has changed; the quality has remained the same. And the game on the course at Ropice Golf Resort is even more joyful. Throughout the year you can join in this unique tournament series and play six tournaments - regularly every month until the finals which is scheduled for 8 October 2016.

Other advantages are as follows:

  • you can work on your HCP during the season and see your progress
  • you can win a lot of wonderful prizes
  • an additional Eclectic competition is a part of the series
  • for the final result you need to play three tournaments and the finals
  • you play on a quality golf course - ROPICE


  • 22/5/2016 - Sunday
  • 19/6/2016 - Sunday
  • 10/7/2016 - Sunday
  • 21/8/2016 - Sunday
  • 17/9/2016 - Sunday
  • finals 8/10/2016 - Saturday


The first partner of this series is RP Klima Elektro Tech, s.r.o. , which focuses on comprehensive wholesale, installation and servicing of cooling systems, ventilation and air conditioning, specialising in residential and office air conditioning.


Category and description:

  • 0 - 12
  • 12,1 - 24
  • 24,1 - 54

Each individual tournament forms the final sum of stableford points (net + 1/2 gross, bonus points are scored for the first ten places).

The overall assessment of the series, however, is different. The four best results from six possible tournaments are taken into account. Additionally, the final tournament on 8 October 2016 will assess your Stb points with 50%.

An additional Eclectic competition is a part of the series. This is a tournament when the sum of the best results on individual holes at all tournaments is calculated.

You are cordially invited.