Czech PGA Tour - Ropice Golf Trophy 2016 knows its winner

This year’s season of the Czech PGA Tour of professionals in Ropice attracted the best golfers. Demanding conditions awaited the players, as the weather in July was traditionally extremely hot and accompanied with high atmospheric pressure. No wonder the clubhouse was full of absolutely shattered golfers during both days of the tournament.


Even though the weather was not great, many beautiful shots were played and plenty of players played under par. Aleš Kořínek was the winner. He showed truly masterful performances in the tournament. He played 69 shots on the first day. As for the final round, he repeated the performance of Petr Nič from the first day, when he played 66 shots, which are the best performances in the Ropice Golf Course Resort after the course rating. Aleš Kořínek played a total of 12 birdies in two days, making him the winner of the cup. Petr Nič also played a solid -2 in the final round, but it was one shot which did not let him reach the winning position. It was the "water world" as usual - the toughest final three holes on this course - which decided the champion. These technically challenging holes (number 16, 17 and 18) can either move you to the top or completely squander your chances. The winner handled them excellently with a birdie, birdie, par, which won him the title. The Slovak, Juraj Zvarík, was third after scoring 71 and 67. A total of nine players managed to play under par during the two days.

To sum up:

course - excellently prepared

weather - extreme

players’ performances - excellent


Cups and cash prizes have been presented and we hope to look forward to more great performances next year.

You can watch the best golf performances of the final day on TV - Nova Sport, Golf Channel and enjoy the path to victory and the best moments once again.


PS: Do not miss the golf amateur tournaments between Ropice and Šilheřovice, which take place this weekend. A tournament in "Šilky" takes places on Saturday and a tournament for pairs in Ropice is on Sunday.

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