2017 Ropice Golf Resort Champion Challenge on the Simulator

Dear fans of golf. Just like last year, a unique opportunity to enjoy golf in winter is awaiting you. Come and enjoy a game on our Full Swing E6 golf simulator, which, thanks to the latest software, improved graphics and second-generation ION2 high-speed cameras, offers a realistic game simulation.


On a regular basis, from November 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017, a tournament - the Master of the Ropice Golf Resort on the Full Swing Simulator shall take place. 

Do not hesitate and play on our indoor golf simulator at Ropice Golf Resort. Every month you have a great opportunity to experience new courses, such as TROON NORTH – MOUMENT COURSE, TORREY PINES – SOUTH COURSE, HARBOUR TOWN and even more. You can spend pleasant moments in the golf environment and take part in a tournament during which the best player in each period and the overall winner will be announced.


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To summarise all the information, please continue reading the entire proposition of the tournament:


Title: The Master of the Ropice Golf Resort on the Full Swing Simulator

Organiser: Beskydská golfová, a.s. and Beskydský golf club

Day and location: November 2016 – February 2017, simulator at Ropice Golf Resort

Dates of games: individually in set periods

Contest director: Daniel Waclawek

Referee: Jiří Kaminský

Game system: Stableford scoring system (HCP, according to the CGF must be rounded mathematically, max. 36.0)


  • 01/11 – 30/11: TROON NORTH - MONUMENT COURSE
  • 01/12 – 31/12: TORREY PINES - SOUTH COURSE
  • 01/01 – 31/01: HARBOUR TOWN


  • Men – Amateur
  • Women – Ladies

Results and announcements:

  • The best player in each period;
  • Overall winner (the sum of the three best results out of the four possible periods);

Entry fee: entry fee is not required; only the golf simulator is paid;

Registration: at the reception of the Ropice Golf Resort;

Other arrangements: The director and referee jointly and definitively decide on any disputes which may arise during the tournament.

 Technical provisions:

  • A competition round must be played by a minimum of two players;
  • The number of rounds played by one player in a specified period is not limited; only the best score counts;
  • In the event of a tie for first place in each period, the winner is determined by the second or next best result within the specified period;
  • In the event of a tie for first place in the overall evaluation, the better individual score played is taken into account and decides the winner.